As practice shows, very few start-upers bother to think and consider building a robust and reliable structure of owning and managing assets. In the meantime, the risks that apply to your newly gained property may largely affect and decrease the cost of assets, both for the current owner and future generations.

This is particularly true for corporate wars, hostile acquisitions, challenging property rights and issues related to compulsory inheritance of a share in property. In such cases, it makes more sense to rely on legal arrangements designed to fit your individual goals and mitigate/eliminate specific risks whilst ensuring absolute security of your assets. It is for these reasons that we have set our main objective as arranging a comprehensive approach to protecting the capital owned by our clients, whose property is often both multilayered and complex and divided among several jurisdictions, which means systematic and complex planning.

Our understanding of structuring welfare assumes providing complex solutions to all of your financial problems.  We will help you to both establish an optimal organizational chart and address the issues arising from property taxation, inheritance and protection, risk diversification and insurance. We will provide you with an asset arrangement most suitable for taxation regimes, assist with designing proper legal structures for asset transfer via inheritance, support purchase deals and deeds envisaging acquisition of new businesses and real estate, provide escrow services, run risk management for your and insurance of your property, and provide legal support and consulting for any of your decisions.