Investment consulting is the best option for those clients interested in being an active part in making investment decisions and placing capital, yet they do not have the opportunity to develop their ideas and transact within their portfolio daily.

Asset management based on investment consulting is a kind of partnership assuming high level of client engagement into the decision-making processes and cooperation aimed at selecting most appropriate investment opportunities. You will receive a set of best information about the entire range of investment products, including stock of worldwide companies, bonds, forward market interests, structured products, alternative investments and even option strategies;  such information will be tailored specifically for you, taking into consideration your psychological investor portrait and risk appetites. Once you have completed and approved your investment strategy, we recommend you the most suitable broker, terms of your account, platform, give advice regarding your style and frequency of decisions. If it so turns out that your best option is to transfer assets into trust management, we will find a trustee for you.

An investment consultant is always on your side, because s/he gets his/her pay only if you get your profit