It is a usual practice for an investment consultant to draw the preferred line of the minimum capital below which s/he will not work with any client.

This is a fair practice.

Our team gives preference to working with either shareholders of C-level managers running successful existing businesses, with those willing to invest part of the assets, business or their own money in the capital market.

People who have established a business have a clear understanding of what risks truly are. Losses make a common component of their business. They know that no market will pay them “stable salary” for just being there. Unless you share this understanding, you’d better keep away from investment business


We will find answers to the following questions:

– How do experienced investors receive income?

Capital investments assume heavy spending (infrastructure, information, time, middlemen, access and capital) with no guarantee of returning any of those through transactions. All you can do is increase the probability rate of making money.

– What finance instruments do you really need and what ratio to chose?

You will have access to many finance instruments (foreign currencies, shares and stock, bonds and corporate stock, commodity futures, structured options, IPO and many other derivatives). You will need to struture your portfolio.

– How do I develop an investment strategy according to my personality?

Psychologically, investment processes are more complex than they appear. Making investment decisions are always not informed, based on unverified, incomplete or missing information. You will need to test how ready you are to make and take such decisions in real-life conditions.

– How do I make decisions and on whose behalf will I operate in the finance market? How do you bring decisions to life and create your own infrastructure for investing capital and reinvesting profits? How do you maintain your infrastructure up-to-date with international taxation in the long run?

You will need to identify capital’s base and jurisdiction, as well as its incoming specifications. Then you decide on tax residency of the capital beneficiary. You should explain the origins of the money and decide on effective icnome tax rate. Seems rather simple what you operate a national stock exchange and buy securities issued by national emitters to an open arranged market. Yet, if you aim for an international capital and finance markets, you must answer the questions.

– Where do I get the ideas to complete by investment strategy?

Once you start to implement your investment strategy, you need to decide on middlemen and infrastructure, since you are not a professional player of the financial market and cannot act independently. You will cooperate with a broker. Broker is not a mere “platform” granting access to sales and purchase of financial instruments, but also a source of ideas for unique investment opportunities. It is therefore his/her choice that drives the success of your finance activities.

– How do I choose a trust manager or an advisor?

Should you feel that you lack professional or personal skills to decide on your investments, you can always address to a trust manager (trustee). In this case you must realise and accept the fact that you will share the responsibility for the ultimate finance outcome. You will have to share the profits with your trustee. You will be the only one to pay the losses. Examine the portfolio of your potential trustee with most diligence, study his/her style of work at the finance market and even his/her personality – all this information will streamline your decision making.

– How do I reach balance of my instruments in the portfolio?

Any investment, purchase and sales of finance instruments carry risks by default. Most secure investment instruments mean lowest risks and … lowest profits. Risky investment instruments, thereafter, mean greatest risks and biggest profits. Balancing between the two poles within your portfolio and following investment strategy should accord with you personality, psychological portrait and risk appetites.

We will greatly appreciate if you take your time to consider the above questions carefully and thoughtfully, before coming to us.

In this case our cooperation will be most fruitful and efficient, with minimum errors and maximum success!

Good luck!