“Time is money” what are you talking about ?

The fact that it is Benjamin Franklin that is depicted on the $ 100 bill is something everyone knows. Few people doubt his great merits before the American state and moral qualities. But contrary to conventional wisdom, he was never an American President! By anyone – a politician, scientist, inventor, journalist, but not the President.

He opposed the strengthening of the role of the executive, in particular, against the granting of emergency powers to the first American President George Washington; he advocated the establishment of universal suffrage, not limited by property qualifications. His signature affixed three of the most important and major documents in US history and the world – the “US Declaration of Independence”, the “US Constitution”, and the “Versailles Peace Treaty of 1783”. Franklin published books, invented a rocking chair and bifocal glasses.

Franklin observed the principles of life that he had formulated: 1. Abstinence. There is not to satiation, do not drink to intoxication. 2. Silence. To say only that which may benefit me or another; avoid idle talk. 3. Order. Keep all your belongings in their places; for each class have their time. 4. Decisiveness. To decide to do what is to be done; strictly comply with what is decided. 5. Thrift. To spend money only on what benefits for me or others, that is, to not waste anything. 6. Diligence. Do not waste time; to be always busy with something useful; give up all unnecessary actions. 7. Sincerity. Do not cause harmful deception, have clean and fair thoughts; in the conversation also stick to this rule. 8. Justice. Do not harm anyone; do not commit injustices and do not omit the good deeds that are among your duties. 9. Moderation. Avoid extremes; restrain, as far as you think it is appropriate, a feeling of resentment from injustices. 10. Clean. Avoid bodily impurities; observe neatness in clothes and in the home. 11. Calmness. Do not worry about trifles and about the usual or inevitable cases. 12. Chastity. 13. Modesty. Imitate Jesus and Socrates.

These virtues allowed him to become a truly full-fledged person. The most famous catch phrase “time is money” belongs to Franklin, who believed that in order to live decently, you have to work hard and not waste precious time on empty talk and showdown.