Trust is an instrument that has been proven and recognized for decades and that ensures owner’s confidentiality and security of property rights. Traditional jurisdictions in Europe and Great Britain, where trust laws emerged from and where it has existed for several centuries, are losing their applicability and can no longer guarantee anonymity for their owners because of restricted requirements to information disclosing and availability of open registers. To that end Arab trusts in the United Arab Emirates is becoming a high-reliable and guaranteed instrument to keep your anonymity.

Arab trust is a unique instrument to solve business’ and its beneficiaries’ problems. Current laws of the UAE define the following main aims for addressing Arab trust:

confidentiality – asset owners are provided with an absolute anonymity at the government level (the information is classified from third partied by the Sharia rules).

protecting assets and investors – trust confidentiality allows protecting business and its owners’ assets while maintaining high level of management efficiency, including long-distance management.

guaranteed and tax-free inheritance – assets can be inherited by persons prescribed by the owner.

team investments – Arab trusts let you accumulate funds to one fund managed by the trust to guarantee soundness of assets and same financial output for all trust members.

applying licensing instead of taxation – when properly arranged, the UAE trust system lets you significantly optimize tax contributions.