Tax audit is verification of correctness, timeliness and completeness of tax calculation in accordance with the current laws, timeliness, completeness and correctness of drawing and submission of all tax reporting forms to the tax authorities.

Tax liability verification is possible both by conducting a tax audit and by carrying out agreed procedures to verify the calculation of tax liabilities. The importance of tax audit lies in the timely assessment of tax risks and in minimizing them.

Carrying your tax audit, our auditor will perform a 100% check of accuracy in identifying tax base for each of the taxes in question, as well as correctness of calculating tax payments due in each tax period.  Besides, s/he will analyze existing opportunities for effective and efficient tax planning and provide you with advice regarding ways to establish an effective tax payment management system and warn you of the risks and possible adverse consequences of tax audits. As part of the tax audit, the Customer is entitled to receive advice from the auditor on accounting, tax and management accounting.

Tax audit results in drawing an audit report which contains detailed calculations of tax liabilities made by the auditor, as well as their comparison with the data of the customer’s tax reports and relevant comments on all identified deviations. In addition, the auditor sends a letter to the customer’s management describing the weaknesses of internal control with recommendations for their elimination.

Demand for tax audit has recently increased significantly, so if you have an interest – please contact us in advance.