Round “A” for LEOPART.KZ Group for $800,000

Seven Rivers Capital UAE, as lead investor, arranged a round “A” for LEOPART.KZ Group for $800,000. LEOPART.KZ and AUTO.KZ are now building one of the most promising digital eco-systems of auto parts in the region.  The investment will allow the company to take a new step in the digitalization of the industry, provide a “last mile” solution and large-scale market penetration in Central Asia and the UAE/Mena. Negotiations on the deal took several months, we chose among investors who could support not only with money, but also strengthen the spirit of our team of founders. We are going to blow up the market with our cutting-edge product – a fully built vertically integrated digital e-system directly from the spare part manufacturer to the end user – virtual garage for car owners, PAAS ERP for service stations and B2B2C service for wholesalers. Customer-specific white label online stores, accounting and management accounting, popular bank applications and payment systems, proprietary payment gateway, fully digitized catalogs in local languages, logistics, and hundreds more tools for any type of a customer.

The main feature of the eco-system is a free PAAS solution for service stations, which allows to eliminate the main problems arising in the process of service stations and, above all, to attract, retain customers and maximize the average bill when rendering services to car owners for the repair of their cars. The team of founders came to the spare parts market with unique experience in software development and work in major international IT companies with experience in implementation and sales of corporate software and payment solutions. In the process of due diligence algorithms of spare parts search and logistics automation, intelligent selection of spare parts and car diagnostics were studied, the depth of mathematical thought-out and the amount of BIG DATA is amazing. This is a colossal result, which was being built up bit by bit over many years, and I believe it is almost impossible to repeat it in a few years. During 2021 more than 120 thousand orders have been placed through the system of ordering parts, and more than 800 thousand parts have been sold throughout Kazakhstan. Geography of coverage includes 16 cities and more than 30 distribution points of spare parts and car accessories.

In September 2021, Seven Rivers Capital UAE also as lead investor raised $1.25 mln in digital neobank #S1LK PAY which has Fintech licenses in AIFC, DIFC, RK. Over the past year technology, in-house processing and application have been prepared for market entry. The second tranche of $6M will allow this to happen in this business season. We are glad that now the LEOPART.KZ AUTO.KZ and S1LK PAY collaboration will become a reality! We have joint plans to enter new markets. LEOPART.KZ AUTO.KZ will get in UAE/Mena all possibilities of partner neobank: instant cross-boarding p2p and B2B2C payment solutions, own processing, BNPL installments and much more.