Seven Rivers Capital LTD has signed a licensing agreement with Tutto Bene

The investment company SEVEN RIVERS CAPITAL LIMITED has signed a license agreement with Kazakhstan LLP “GELATO Tutto Bene” on the transfer of rights to the Tutto Bene trademark in the UAE and Canada.

The agreement provides for the opportunity to invest and develop the retail gelato business in the UAE and Canada using Tutto Bene technologies under this brand. Tutto bene’s gelateria are well known to the residents of Almaty (Kazakhstan) for their design and the freshest gelato produced daily on certified equipment. The producer of gelato GELATO Tutto Bene LLP has been developing this business for 10 years and cooperates with the largest malls and shopping centers, where there are retail points of sale with special display windows. Branded display of ice cream (Italian masters call it “exhibition”) always pleases the eye with a variety of tastes and colors. The Tutto Bene brand is a guarantee of natural ingredients and freshness.